No Pong Interview

No Pong Interview

No Pong Interview with BrisCity Lifestyle

No Pong is an Australian made and owned anti odourant created using only the best ingredients. It’s an all natural alternative to the heavy chemical concoctions available everywhere. I wrote about No Pong in 2016, but this time I had an interview with the brand and asked some questions that I can share with you all. We need to understand why natural is better for our bodies when it comes to using products in such a delicate and important area. Sweat is natural, we all do it. That doesn’t mean we cannot do it in a way that takes care of our sweat glands, skin and the lymph nodes that are found in the armpit.

1. What makes your product different to other natural anti odourant brands in Australia?

No Pong is quite different from other natural anti-odourant brands in Australia.
First of all, No Pong is an extremely effective, all-natural, anti-odourant and works effectively for over 12+ hours!  No Pong creates an environment where smelly armpit bacteria can’t survive.

Secondly, No Pong is not water-based, so it doesn’t wash off when you sweat!  This water-resistant property helps make No Pong super effective.

Thirdly, No Pong is affordable for everyone.  Most natural deodorants come with quite a high “natural tax”, but one of our core values is that healthy options shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so we strive to keep the costs down for our customers.

Finally, No Pong is available on subscription!  We know two things about most people, one that they never want to run out of deodorant and two, everyone loves receiving packages in the mail.  So we have created a subscription service for our wonderful customers who already love No Pong.  This way they will never run out of deodorant and they’ll have a wonderful package delivered monthly to their door.

2. Supermarket deodorants and antiperspirants contain a range of chemicals, including aluminium. What chemicals should people be mindful of? 

There is a lot of hype around some of the ingredients in regular deodorants.  This might sound counter-intuitive coming from a natural deodorant company, but we’re science people as well and the truth is, the jury is still out on many of the effects they can have on our bodies.

There are a few key ingredients that are known to have an effect on the human body:

Aluminium is known to have potential to cause mutation to genetic code.  It has been contentiously linked to Alzheimer’s disease also

Parabens are known to mimic hormone functions, particularly oestrogen, and its well known effects on breast cancer.

Triclosan is a common anti-bacterial found in traditional deodorants, and actually banned for use in soaps by the US Food and Drug Administration, but not in Australia.

However, it’s really important for people to understand that the scientific jury is out on the real-world, long term effect of many of these as used in deodorants.

That said, why use these ingredients at all if you don’t have to!

3. NO PONG contains 100% natural ingredients. What benefits have you found from leading a natural lifestyle?

Chris and I lead a busy, active lifestyle and we want to continue running at this pace for a long time.  Although we’re not perfect with everything we do or use, we do not compromise on products that we put on your skin.

Our skin is our biggest organ and although it acts as a barrier, it is how most of the chemicals from our environment get into our bodies.  Why put harsh chemicals on yourself if you don’t have to.


4. Living in the sunny state, I find we need odour protection constantly. What makes NO PONG so effective with its 12-hour odour resistant formula? 

Part of the way No Pong is so extremely effective is because of its water-resistant nature, so it does not stop working when you sweat!  This is not only important for active people and athletes alike, but also for those who live in tropical environments where sweating is just a part of your day.


5. NO PONG allows for sweat to still escape the body and not clog pores. Why is this an important bodily function?

Sweating is one of the most important primary body functions we have because sweating helps us regulate our internal temperature so that all the other functions can do their job properly.


6. NO PONG is a paste formulation which I think is rather unique. Why is this method of application verses a spray or atomiser more effective?

We designed No Pong as a cream-based paste because this was the form that our ingredients were the most effective.  As I said above, it can be a bit of getting used to, but as you only need to apply it once a day, most people just add it to their morning routine as they would putting on face moisturiser or brushing their teeth.

We also believe it’s healthy to be in touch with your body, and applying deodorant daily is a great way to stay in touch with your armpits.

We have some incredibly humbling feedback because of the method which No Pong is applied.  One customer told us about a lump that thankfully turned out to be benign, that she only found because she was touching her armpits each day instead of using a stick, or roll on.  Another customer wrote to tell us about her daughter, who has a neuromuscular disease and can’t hold traditional roll on’s and stick deodorants… but she can use her hands to apply No Pong.

Her exact words were “You have brought back to a young lady, some dignity in achieving one of life’s simple & basic every day task to an able body person” 

No matter what the future holds in terms of new products for No Pong, we will always keep a cream/paste version as it’s so aligned with our belief that it’s healthy to both know, and listen to your body.

7. Why did you decide to create NO PONG?

We had a very basic, fairly unstable version of No Pong, but the point we knew we really had something with potential was on a surfing trip in the tropics and using this deodorant.

Chris literally wore the same shirt for 3 days and didn’t smell at all.  We don’t recommend people do that, but we were in a remote destination with no laundry services, and “running” water was probably an optimistic way to describe the situation.

On the 3rd day, we realised how good this stuff actually was!  It was this moment that we knew we were on to something and No Pong was born.

8. I have sensitive skin. Is this product safe for me?

There are many different skin types, and many causes for “sensitivity”.  If you read through the Australian Patent list for deodorants, you will fund literally hundreds of patents, many of them trying to find ways reduce sensitivity to deodorants.  We have just released a version which is Bicarb Free and Low Fragrance for people sensitive to these ingredients in deodorant, but as with any product and it’s going really well in terms of both effectiveness and sensitivity to these ingredients.

It’s important to understand that “natural” does not necessarily mean hypo-allergenic, and if you think about that for a moment, there are lots of natural substances that can affect people – peanuts, shellfish, gluten to name a few.

If you know you have sensitive skin, the question we would ask, is “sensitive to what?”  As with any cosmetic, be it deodorant or other skin care, if you notice sensitivity you should stop using it right away!

9. What other customers can benefit from NO PONG e.g. expecting mothers, and how?

We designed No Pong for everybody.  With a fresh, gender neutral scent, that is barely noticeable when worn, it can appeal to all.

When it comes to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, we are aware of the controversy around use of essential oils during pregnancy and lactation.  There is a lot of information out there and I am sure you are aware that not all of that info is evidence or research based.

That being said, we use high quality essential oils in our product to add a fresh scent and not for therapeutic value.  There is no current evidence that any of the oils we use are not safe in pregnancy and/or lactation.

We are full advocates for knowing exactly what goes into the products that you put on your body, so you can find a list of the ingredients on our website, so the customers can make a fully informed decision.

10. What was the best customer feedback you’ve received since launching NO PONG?

We get really amazing feedback every day.  It’s truly the thing that gets us up in the morning, to work hard to keep bringing you the best natural deodorant we possibly can.  We get lots of people surprised at how effective No Pong is, but the feedback that is the most moving are the stories of how we have impacted people lives.  People that have regained confidence, that can wear clothes they didn’t or couldn’t before, or that have had a positive impact on their own, or someone they know who had chronic B.O.  That kind of feedback really puts everything into perspective, and is so humbling.

I hope this is helpful for you all! Please check out for more information and to purchase.