Paddington Visit

I don’t usually spend a lot of time in Paddington, but over the weekend Kenny and I went to check out a few places. I can’t blog about every place we visited, so I decided to write about just a couple of the places that really stood out to me! Just make sure to check them out when you’re in Paddington next!

Biome Eco Store

biome-6.jpgI love finding stores that stock natural, recycled and just good for the planet items. Biome is great! They stock a great range of cleaning products. Especially with a family or being someone with allergies, the less dangerous chemicals the better. There are also a lot of different types of soap, shampoo, and other body and beauty products, as well as cute gifts, toys, baby bottles etc. I also saw some really amazing wooden watches!

The staff is friendly and the range is fantastic!

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Sacred Pet Boutique

spb-5.jpgI found this store absolutely fantastic! There is a wonderful array of products for you and your pet/s. First of all, the Tigga Towers. Cat scratchers with add-ons like basket beds and even hammocks. The best part is that you can modify it whenever you like! There are also the basics – collars and leads, beds, pet apparel, bowls, toys. Plus things I haven’t seen before, special hiking boots for dogs, amazing and car safe travel cages for your cat. There are even funky bright coloured lamps in the shapes of animals!

The best part about the store, it caters for dogs of all sizes, not just fluffy little lap dogs. I highly recommend Sacred Pet Boutique to anyone who loves spoiling their pets.

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Paleo Café Bulimba

Paleo Café Bulimba

This morning, July 31st, was the opening of Paleo Cafe Bulimba. I’ve seen other Paleo Cafe’s around, but have never gone inside. I am so happy with my first visit!

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My Beauty Must Haves

My Beauty Must Haves

My Beauty Must Haves

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