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Ubuntu Medical

Ubunto Medical: BrisCity Health

Ubuntu Medical, started in 2009, is an integrated medical centre located in Brisbane which focuses on a multitude of medical fields. These include

Family Care:

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Dusty Girls Product Review

dusty girl productsI love makeup, and I wear it almost every day. The thing with that is – it’s really not that great for your skin. So, finding the Dusty Girls products got me really excited to try them out.

Dusty Girls is a line of natural mineral makeup (farmed by MOOGOO) made in Australia, without using nasty ingredients, so it won’t cause damage to your skin. The range includes everything from foundation to mascara, to give you a beautiful natural glow.

I tried out the Earth Cream, Foundation and the blush. First of all, I am absolutely in love with the packaging. The light colours and image design are super refreshing. No boring clear bottle with black writing here! My delivery even had scented hay in the box! So sweet!

Earth Cream in Light

On the box – Dusty Girls Natural Tinted Cream is a cleaver little multi-tasker that contains natural actives renowned for their acne fighting powers, (like Nigella Sativa Seed Oil) soothes the skin, provides sheer coverage and some sun protection.

Basically, this is a tinted moisturiser, only with better coverage. You only need a small amount to cover your face, and it glides on so nicely. It didn’t leave my skin feeling cakey or sticky, and my face felt super smooth all day long! I would say this is the perfect ‘starter makeup’ for younger girls as well.

RRP $18.50

Natural Mineral Foundation in Fair Minerals

On the box – To keep your skin healthy, we use all natural ingredients for coverage without chemicals. Allow your skin to breathe with our filter free foundation. Suitable for all skin types (including Sensitive Sallys)

This powder foundation is so light and not at all cakey on the skin, it gives a beautiful, natural looking glow to the skin and is also SPF15. I used this on top of the Earth Cream and found it amazing for daytime makeup or for a casual night out. Honestly, if you don’t want to fuss too much about makeup for a night out, just add some mascara and lipstick and you’re good to go.

LOVE: There is a twist cover for the container! No losing powder all over the place!

RRP $29.00

Natural Mineral Blush in Pink Ladies

On the box – Pressed to impress! We’re Dusty Girls, not silly girls. We have pressed our colours into moisturizing jojoba oil because practical is important. It’s 100% natural, healthy, mess free makeup.
“Pink Ladies” will give you a blush you won’t be embarrassed about. These natural micas, along with a smile will make you beam inside and out.

I adore the colour of this blush. I’ve found that the pinks I’ve seen on the market are either too pink, or have a brown colour to them. This is the perfect blush pink. Especially for someone as fair skinned as myself. It has a tiny hint of sparkle to it, super pretty. I’ve also noticed that when you put it on, it doesn’t make your pores somehow magically enormous like other blush does to my face. Love it! This is quite a large pan too so great value for money.

RRP $25.00

Kabuki Brush

It’s animal friendly, super soft, and the bristles don’t fall out every time you use it. Perfect for applying all powder products.

RRP $12.50

I will now be buying all of the other Dusty Girls products because this stuff is amazing. Super light. Natural. Beautiful!

Thank you Dusty Girls for sending me these amazing products. Can’t wait to see what you come out with next! <3