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The Wooden Circle

The Wooden Circle Rings

Today I’d like to share with you some of the most beautiful and unique rings I’ve ever seen! Australian jewellery label, The Wooden Circle, has created a range of stunning Bentwood rings handcrafted using FSC certified local and imported wood. Yes, wooden rings!

Wooden Circle

A throwback to traditional woodwork, these pieces are carved and sanded by hand. The techniques used give an extra dose of individuality and personality to each ring. As these rings age, they will change slightly in colour, guaranteeing you will be the only one with the design you have.

Available in a range of designs using different woods, and some featuring precious and semi-precious metals. Made by hand in Sydney, Australia, theses unisex rings would make the most interesting but none the less stunning wedding bands.

Nothing I can say about this beautiful jewellery can do it any justice, so below is an image gallery for you to view.

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