4 fingers crispy chicken

by Samantha MacKenzie

Our visit to 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken – CBD

Last Thursday, we were invited down to 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken’s new location on Albert Street (CBD) to taste and try out their extensive menu. Now, one thing we were told on our arrival was that “our dishes have huge flavour”….they didn’t lie. We will get to the list of menu items shortly, but let’s first talk about our impression as we walked into the restaurant.
The interior design was an interesting mix of modern & creative pictures with some older, more trending features such as exposed brick, lightbulbs, copper taps, winches on rope for lighting and more. The artwork seemingly had an authority/revolutionary theme to it, with images of Che Guevara, Anonymous, Mr Robot and other retro references portraying change.

It was pretty cool. 4 Fingers also included powerpoints & USB ports to charge your phone at their seats – I really like this small, easy addition for customers, this should be the basic standard in shop fit-outs.

4 Fingers Menu…yum yum yum

Now to the good part, the food. Our hosts provided such a warm welcome and explanation of the menu which at the same time enticed us, but also made it hard to try everything….we can only eat so much. We watched as the highly trained kitchen staff hand-brushed all of the individual chicken pieces with generous coating of their amazing signature sauce.
Here was our order

Katsu Chicken Salad
Wow. I don’t really eat too much salad, and while it may not be the trending quinoa this and that salad. It was so delicious and full of flavour from the chicken and sauce mixed through out it. I’d order this as a lunch anyway.

Katsu Sandwich
This was Samantha’s favourite dish of the night which is a spicy kimchi coleslaw and chicken served in a fried Chinese bun. If you have not enjoyed a Chinese bun, maybe steamed – you HAVE to try this when you visit. No questions, just order it.

As a burger fan, I had to order this out of principal and try their asian charcoal buns. While it was very flavoursome, it did take me a while to get through it, the bun is quite large compared to the ingredients inside. But, the BBFF is a good burger.
Signature Wingettes & Drumettes
The hero, the main dish of 4Fingers is their hand-brushed chicken which can come in a few flavour options, Soy & Garlic and Spicy, or a mixed selection. These were really really nice, and makes you rethink the KFC you might have been eating previously. The chilli is quite nice, not over the top, but has enough punch to know what you’re devouring.
If you are a fan of crispy chicken, then 4 Fingers signature crispy chicken is right up your alley.
Just to add that extra bit to the order in case we were still hungry….we ordered sweet potato chips and crispy potato chips. The potato chips were great, and an appropriate side dish.

To accompany our meal we were treated to 2 variations of their signature Grenita (yes, they are a licensed venue with a stocked bar)
Samantha had the spiced cola and chilli which consists of rum and ouzo. I had the ouzo & gin option which I absolutely loved – very nice if you like lime in your drinks.

4 Fingers Service

I must say that we were blown away by the pleasant and positive attitude of the staff, but also the extensive knowledge and willingness to inform us about the food and drinks they had served. A great example is the back story provided on the Grenitas which we learnt that all of the spirits used a locally sourced from the smaller distillers in Australia.
All in all, we cannot talk highly enough of the experience we had at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, and encourage you to try it out. Remember to use napkins, there will be flavour, there will be sauce.


4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
108 Albert Street, Brisbane City

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