‘All You Can Eat’ Pizza & Pasta Without The Guilt

by Samantha MacKenzie

No need to bring your stretchy pants – ‘all you can eat’ gourmet pizza pasta nights feed Queenslanders into summer

You may think twice as we head into summer about digging into a good, old-fashioned, ‘all you can eat’ pizza pasta night, but in this instance, you can leave the guilt at home.

The vibrant, award-winning Italian restaurants and purveyor of gourmet Italian produce, Salt Meats Cheese, is kicking off Spring with its Pizza and Pasta Festa ‘all you can eat night’ from next Monday 23 September 5pm-9:30pm.

Salt Meats Cheese Founder Stefano De Blasi said in this instance, indulging in a carb fest is good for our guts and souls.

“Just like the Italians do – you can leave the stretchy pants and guilt behind! Italy has among the lowest obesity rates in the world – and yet, their diets are basically all carbs,” Stefano said.

“What many Australians are yet to realise is pizza and pasta can and should be healthy – so long as the ingredients are high quality and made from scratch.

“And this is exactly what we want all Australians to know and appreciate – changing the bad wrap Italian food has.

“Food should be more about the experience – a vibrant night out to celebrate with loved ones and community. It’s what we hope everyone comes away feeling from Salt Meats Cheese – they’ve had a true taste of Italy, in beautiful Australia.”

Stefano, who came out here on a travelling visa to surf at 21 in 2007 with his cousin and now business partner, Edoardo Perlo – have since gone on to build one of Australia’s most successful Italian restaurant groups, bringing genuine healthy, authentic, Italian experience to Australia – carbs and all.

“Our Pizza and Pasta Festa is about giving Australians the full experience for a super affordable fun night out – and an epic start to the week.”

Salt Meats Cheese’s Pizza and Pasta Festa night kicks off next Monday 23 September 5pm-9:30pm at Newstead, South Bank and Surfers Paradise. Cost is $20 with any drink purchase with a new menu rotating every week.

For details, visit https://saltmeatscheese.com.au

Written by Katie Martel, Croft PR Director

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