Amalfi Seafood Saturdays at Salt Meats Cheese

by Samantha MacKenzie

The Amalfi Seafood Tower

Fact – I haven’t eaten seafood other than salmon for about five years. For someone who grew up never too far from the ocean, this is crazy. So, when I was given the opportunity to try the Amalfi Seafood Tower at Salt Meats Cheese, I decided it was the perfect time to enjoy.

Now, when you look at a picture of food at a restaurant, you think the real thing isn’t going to look as good… This was not the case here. Thinking that there would be small portions, we also ordered bread – this went mostly uneaten!

Salt Meats Cheese Seafood Platter

Created to make you feel like you’re sitting by ocean in the Mediterranean, the tower of 2 plates contained a delicious selection of locally sourced seafood cooked to perfection. Layer one was the fried section containing battered whiting and the best barramundi bites ever, as well as the most tender calamari and fried potatoes. Layer two had the fresher options. Prawns cooked with chili, crumbed scallops, seafood cocktail and more.

Delicious seafood platter, including beautiful barramundi

Every Saturday between 11am-3pm at the flagship Haven Newstead and Surfers Paradise restaurants, the Amalfi Seafood tower is available for two or more people for $49 – and for an extra $29 per person, enjoy two hours of bottomless drinks of Dry Bone Rose, selected cocktails on tap, and Aperol Spritzes. Bookings are essential!

I am so glad I took the chance to try this delish spread. I haven’t enjoyed a seafood lunch in so long, It was totally worth the wait for this. If you are a seafood lover, I highly recommend that you give the Amalfi Seafood Tower a try. Just remember not to order extra food if you have a small appetite. We could easily have shared with another person or 2.

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