Beyond Rest Float Tanks

by Samantha MacKenzie

Beyond Rest Coorpooroo

BrisCity Lifestyle was privileged to be invited to visit and try out the new float tanks at BeyondRest Coorpooroo, for an hour session of relaxation.

Recently opening at Coorpooroo a few weeks ago, BeyondRest provides a new way of relaxation through the use of the latest technology in their state of the art float tanks.

Beyond Rest

The first time you float can take a little bit of getting adjusted and use to the tank, the water with epson salt, how you position your body and even your own thoughts. But once you’ve found that right position, you can focus on pure relaxation – of your body, mind or both.

“Experiencing weightlessness and defying gravity to bring your body and mind to a restful state – this could be addictive” – Kenny

Having sat down with staff members are BeyondRest, the feedback is that every person that floats, experiences their own story during their session – thoughts, feelings, muscular habits or aches – all due to being in a state of enclosed mindfulness.

We definitely recommend that you don’t just try one float session as you may take up some of the hour session time getting used to it, but once you are, coming back for ongoing floats could see you reach mental and physical results. Floats can be that perfect escape from problems, work stress, news or the technology that consumes our lives everyday.

They are currently offering starter 3 sessions packs for only $149 – each sessions lasting for one hour. They also offer gift certificates for those looking for a present with a positive difference.

BrisCity Lifestyle has been told that even in one story, a pregnant lady found it to be the best method of relaxation during your pregnancy over massages – and one point during her float session, she was able to not only hear her heart beat, but also the heartbeat of her unborn child – this would have been an amazing experience.

For more information:
Address: 3/58 Holdsworth Street, COORPAROO, QLD, 4151
Phone: (07) 3847 3545

I highly recommend BeyondRest’s floating tanks, and there is quite a possibility that it could become your routine relaxation method.

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