Blog Update

by Samantha MacKenzie

My post is a little late this week. In the lead up to a new part of my eating disorder recovery journey, my emotions and sleep pattern have been thrown off. So, this week I thought I would update you all on my plans for this blog in 2021.

In the past, posting has been… inconsistent. With the improvement of my mental health though, I find that I am really enjoying writing on a wider range of topics. This means more content. Beauty and Food have been the focus since the start, but with my confidence building, I’m beginning to delve into the world of Body positivity, fashion and more personal topics as well. Just a few of the posts coming up include, Subscription Underwear, Food Storage and Tools, Iced Tea and much more.

Self-Care Sunday will be a new weekly feature, focusing on a multitude of subjects from At Home Manicures to Mindful Eating Exercises. I love a good pamper session but know how important it is to focus on the internal self too. This feature will be about the self-care itself more than the products involved, though I will leave a list of products/tools/references used at the bottom of each post.

Posts will go up on Sunday morning and Monday lunchtime.

Xx Sammy

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