Bride Business – The Planning Book!

by Samantha MacKenzie

Bridal Business – The Planning Book!

Wedding planning – it’s one of the most exciting and insanely stressful times in a woman’s (or mans) life! On one hand, you’ve got the ring, the person, you get to celebrate that. On the other hand, you must plan every little thing to have the day that so many of us dream about. Now that I’ve done it, I recommend eloping!

In all seriousness, I wish I’d had a better planning book to keep track of all the details. I had so many things go wrong from losing track of final payments to the final guest list and even the father daughter dance – I literally walked off the dance floor due to not knowing (or planning) the reception schedule!

“About Bridal Business

Boom-boom POW, wedding planning just got sassy.

Launched in 2016, the ladies of Ivory Tribe introduced to the world a bride’s best pal in wedding planning book ‘Bride Business’. She’s the glamorous gal about town ready to ease your wedding planning woes and look utterly stylish while doing so.” From

This beautiful hard cover planning book has a section for everything from Who, When and Where, to budget, guest list, the wedding party and everything in between. There are checklists for everything you need to think about before your big day from the dress, venue all the way to the night before – Go to bed EARLY!

Besides keeping track of everything, it’s also a special keepsake. Unlike many planners which are designed to be on trend with the latest patterns or colours, Bridal Business is a simple but chic black and white – it will always be stylish.

A little advice to every bride – enjoy every moment of your big day! It goes so fast and before you know it you’re leaving on your honeymoon or whatever it is you have planned after the reception. Take photos of the process, share it with your loved ones and no matter what may go wrong – you are marrying someone so amazingly special to you!

Head to to purchase your own planner now! RRP AU$69.95 – and worth every cent!

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