East Forged – Nitrogen Infused Cold-Brew Tea

by Samantha MacKenzie

East Forged –Nitrogen Infused Cold-Brew Tea

There isn’t an occasion I can think of that tea doesn’t work for. Hot tea on a cold night or when you’re unwell, Bubble Tea on summer days in the city, Long Island when you’re on a night out. It’s just the best drink for any time!

Well, East Forged has an interesting new take on iced tea for the Aussie fan – A fresh, non-alcoholic, bubbly but not sweet, fruity drink that looks like beer but isn’t. Nitrogen infused, cold-brewed tea.


“Tea for two has taken on a whole new meaning for Australian beverage business East Forged, whose locally produced nitrogen infused cold brew teas are gaining international attention – and winning accolades at the same time.

The product of two tea-loving ladies, Kym Cooper and Tania Stacey, East Forged flips the traditional notion of iced tea on its head, with the creation of a product that is almost anything but.

Looking deceptively like a beer when hard-poured, East Forged cold brews are quickly becoming a fast favourite in the booming non-alcoholic adult beverage category, one which has benefited globally from lockdown measures. Movements such Dry January and Feb Fast have attracted even more attention to the alcohol-free category, and East Forged’s low sugar content (less than 0.3g of sugar per can) combined with all the goodness of pure leaf tea, means that it has wide appeal in the health and lifestyle categories.

The Founders of the brand both have extensive backgrounds in the tea industry, with Stacey having previously won the World Tea Brewing Championship (Australia), and together they decided that they wanted to bring a new category to tea – and it’s paying off. Covering the three biggest tea pillars – green, black, and white – and launching in the unique and interesting flavour combinations of Pitaya, Calamansi, and Yuzu, East Forged brews have recently won the duo gold and silver medals at The Global Spirit Masters in the Lo/No Alcohol category, taking their total award wins to a staggering five medals in the last twelve months.” – Evil Twin PR/East Forged

Incredibly, these 2 amazing women made so much of this happen during a global pandemic, while living in different states! The black tea is also grown in tropical North Queensland, while the craft brewery where the tea is ‘forged’ is located in Sydney. It makes the first sip that much more enjoyable, knowing how much work went into creating such a delicious product.

The Flavours:

There are currently 3 Infused Cold-Brew Tea flavours, which are:

My Review:

First of all, the design is so cute! I’d like to say I wasn’t drawn to the product because of the packaging, but effort wouldn’t be put in if that weren’t the case for most people. I am in love with the adorable tea pets. If you didn’t know, a tea pet is traditionally a small clay figure which sits on your table to join you for tea and bring you luck. Tea Pets were first made in Yixing, Jiangsu Provence, China. I love that the branding reflects the Asian tea culture.

Now for the teas. Nitrogen infused. Not bubbly exactly, but not flat. It’s so hard to describe, but it’s a very refreshing… texture? The nitrogen is there to deliver the flavour, and it really does. I was unable to try the Pitaya Green Tea as it was out of stock. The other 2 are award winners though, so definitely don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Black Tea with Yuzu – this is a very strong tea. It hasn’t got the sweetness I had in mind of an iced tea, but it’s quite enjoyable. I find I couldn’t really taste the yuzu, not that I know what it tastes like. The centre of this flavour is the Black Tea. Would recommend this for those who don’t sweeten their tea.

White Tea with Calamansi – A very delicate tea taste with strong floral, fruity flavours. I found this one to be slightly sweeter, though not sugary. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to taste as floral as it does, but its very balanced with the Calamansi citrus. If you were interested in making this alcoholic, I think it would go well with vodka. East Forged teas can be bought from www.eastforged.com

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