Enbacci Hand & Nail Care

by Samantha MacKenzie

Enbacci Hand & Nail Care

When it comes to skincare, most of us focus on our face and some simple body care… But what about hands? Have you ever seen someone who has the most amazing skin but when you look at their hands, they look older, have dry cuticles and even age spots?

Our hands take a lot of abuse. They’re almost always exposed to the sun outside, we wash them constantly, use chemicals and get manicures. It’s an area that tends to be neglected even if we are using basic hand cream once in a while.

For me, hand care has been something I’ve been aware of since a young age. I had extreme OCD washing my hands so much they bled. When you feel that kind of dryness it’s hard to ignore. I’ve stopped using actual soap where possible and switched to hand wash (there is a huge difference). I have moisturiser in my bag, beside my bed and in the bathroom.

Recently, I started using the Enbacci Hand and Nail Care range. I’ve worked with this brand in the past and have really enjoyed every single one of their products. This was no exception. I tried the three available products Hand Wash, Hand and Nail Cream in normal and SPF.

The Products


A gentle skin softening, purifying hand was that disinfects while nourishing the skin.

This is a really nice hand wash. It’s a clear thin liquid and you don’t need much at all. It doesn’t bubble up too much and is very gentle on the skin. This comes in a 280ml bottle with a pump.

Retails for $28

Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream

A dry touch moisturiser with a smooth finish.

This is such a beautiful light hand cream. I found it cooling and soothing on application and could definitely see a difference in the texture of the skin. It was smoother and less dull. Very moisturising and great after doing your nails. Having dry skin, I usually use a heavier cream but this was actually better than many heavier creams I’ve used. This is my favourite of the 3 products.

Retails for $23

Brightening Hand & Nail Cream SPF15

Dry touch, brightening cream with sun protection.

This hand cream is thicker than the first but it does contain SPF so that’s not unusual. Upon application my hands looked much brighter. I liked it but found it a little much on days where my skin was dry.

Retails for $23

The hand creams are both in a 40ml tube which is great considering a little goes a long way. They’re the perfect size to keep in your bag as well. Especially great for the SPF one so you can reapply. All of the Enbacci products seem to have the same subtle fresh scent. The only time I don’t like this is when I’m going to bed. I tend to put my hands near my face and scents can bother me.

I wouldn’t recommend these products for use on broken or extremely dry (and I mean EXTREMELY dry) skin. This is because it contains a scent, and natural or not, any kind of perfume can irritate.

Head to www.enbacci.com..au to purchase these and other great skin and body care products.

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