ESK Vitamin C Serum Range

by Samantha MacKenzie

ESK Vitamin C Serum Range

ESK has added a couple of new products to their amazing, evidence-based range on skincare. Reverse C Serum and C Serum Lite.

About Vitamin C

Vitamin C is used in skincare for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, skin texture and tone, boosted collagen production and the skins wound healing ability. It also fights free radicals and oxidative stress caused by UVA and UVB rays. While you could take an oral supplement, topical Vitamin C is found to work up to 20 times better when it comes to caring for your skin.

Did you know? Unlike plants and other animals, humans cannot create it’s on vitamin c. We need to absorb it from food, supplementation, or topical treatment. When it comes to topical forms of Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid is the only form found to have strong evidence as an antioxidant and skin renewing ingredient. “Naturally unstable and water-soluble, Vitamin C must be formulated at a pH of less than 3.5 in order to penetrate the skin’s waterproof barrier and remain active.” – ESK

The Products

Reverse C Serum – For Normal and Dry Skin

A powerful antioxidant, the Reverse C Serum contains 10%L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and 1%Tocopherol (Vitamin E) to combat oxidative stress caused by exposure to UV radiation. Housed in an airless pump bottle, this creamy emulsion is suited to normal and dry skin types. It repairs cellular damage, stimulates collagen production, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and de-pigments melanin clusters. Formulated with a pH of less than 3.5, it is optimised for both skin penetration and ingredient stability.

$95 RRP / 50g

C Serum Lite – For Sensitive, Acne and Oil Prone Skin

Formulated in an anhydrous (water free) suspension with 10%L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), this daily antioxidant serum repairs the visible signs of ageing while protecting the skin from further free radical damage. Lighter in consistency, the C Serum Lite is tailored to normal and oilier skin types, and actively targets photo-damaged skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin roughness, redness and pigmentation. Ideal for acne sufferers, C Serum Lite also offers an effective collagen boost for prematurely ageing skin.

$90 RRP / 50g

Directions – Apply 1-2 pumps to fingertips and gently massage on the face after cleansing every morning. For enhanced results, follow with SPF protection. Can also be used on décolletage, hands and forearms.

My Review

As someone with quite sensitive skin, I went with the C Serum Lite. I also suffer with rosacea which can sometimes lead to acne like bumps on the skin, the Lite is recommended for those with acne.

The formula is fantastic. Though it needs to be an oil, I found that it absorbed well into my skin without leaving a residue. I was a little worried about not having the added hydration of the Reverse C, but this didn’t seem to be an issue when used in conjunction with my basic skincare routine. (I cleanse and moisturise.)

In terms of results so far, the biggest difference is in the texture of my skin. I exfoliate very rarely, yet it’s feeling a lot less rough and bumpy. I’m going to continue use and keep updating over on my Instagram account.

There have been a couple of skincare brands I’ve tried Vitamin C products from, and they’re not made equally! I had reactions to a few different formulas. So far, no issues with ESK products. As with any skincare product, please do a patch test before use and follow the directions (they’re there for a reason!)

Check out the ESK site HERE for more of their incredible products!

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