EXYRA – Blue Light Glasses

by Samantha MacKenzie

EXYRA – Blue Light Glasses

We live in a world where looking at screens is a part of our daily life. Smart phones have us looking at screens non-stop, not to mention the amount of people in jobs that require computers. Study, applying for a job, even shopping has us focusing on a lit screen. This has brought up the issue of Blue Light and the effect it has on our eyes.

There is still much debate on the subject of blue light, there is evidence showing that with the constant exposure to the blue-violet light that can reach through the eye all the way to the Retina is not great. In the last 100 years, eye health has deteriorated quite a lot. (Click HERE for more in-depth information on Blue Light Effects.) There has been a rise in Macular Degeneration as well as complaints of eye strain, worsening vision and even effects of not being able to switch off at night. The last thing you see before sleep should not be a screen.

This is where EXYRA comes in. Blue Light Glasses. They’re designed to filter the blue light allowing you to see truer colour and avoid eye strain and avoid harmful over exposure to blue light. EXYRA Glasses also protect against UVA and UVB and aid in enhancing vision for reading. Our eyes are not designed for the strain we put on them, so these glasses are a great (and stylish) way to protect them while allowing us to get on with whatever it is we do. Design, writing, research, video games, you name it.

I got my EXYRA Glasses about 2 months ago and I really have noticed a difference. I’m already a glasses wearer and over the last 3 years have had continual changes in my prescription. Something that isn’t common at 32. I chose to get blue light protection with my prescription and found that I was able to focus more easily on the screen without squinting like crazy and having to stop every few minutes to rub my eyes. Though great for computer and phone, I also found them helpful when watching TV. The only place they didn’t help was at the Cinema. I found that the light from the projector was bouncing off the inside of the glasses and creating a glare. They are designed for the light in front of you though, so it makes sense. I’ve also noticed a dramatic decrease in headaches! BONUS!

The process of ordering was so easy. I sent through my prescription details with my chosen style and within a week they were delivered. Considering you have to wait 7 to 10 days when you visit an optometrist, this was great. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel that these glasses aren’t for you, you can send them back for a full refund.

Besides the already mentioned benefits, EXYRA Glasses come in a wide range of frame styles available in prescription, non-prescription and reading lenses. They’re made from renewable materials, don’t harm the environment, are light weight while also durable and they’re hypoallergenic.

Before trying EXYRA, I was pretty skeptical about blue light glasses. It seemed to be a celebrity trend with people like Kylie Jenner talking about them. I am so impressed and will be making a new purchase soon with an updated prescription.

For more information, prices and to check out the frames available, head to www.exyra.com.au

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