Interior Trends that will DATE YOUR HOME!

by Samantha MacKenzie


Certain trends tend to make our homes age faster, resulting in the need to redecorate sooner than we often anticipate. While new trends appeal to all of us, there are some to avoid if you’re going for timeless style, and don’t want to redecorate all over again in a few years.

We’ve recently seen a rise in fluorescent colours, boucle furniture, vintage lamp shades and arty mirror frames, but not every trend can stand the test of time.

If you’re new to interior design, don’t know where to start or need advice on how to wisely spend when it comes to decorating, online boutique furniture store, Luxo Living, has shared some tips.

Here are the trends to avoid when it comes to decorating your home.

1.     Jumping on the Bandwagon of Current Trends

We tend to blindly follow trends the moment they gain momentum, without thinking on the long-term impact. This is especially true in the case of interior designing. In our eagerness to keep up with trends, we often ignore the negative impacts on the environment and the money we spend needlessly. So, the next time you’re ready to update outdated furniture for certain spaces or adopt a trend mindlessly, make time to consider whether you’ll want that item in years to come, if it can be versatile in spaces as you move homes and if it will withstand environmental changes. Try to aim for mostly timeless pieces, with one or two statement items that follow trends.

2.     Soft Millennial Pinks

Soft millennial pink has been the rage since 2018, but it has quickly become outdated. The soft hue that we saw in restaurants, retail stores and influencer’s homes was originally fun and chic, but has now made its way out. There’s no denying the fact that pink will always have a soft spot in our hearts but it’s time to stop using the pastel hue in our home decoration. The theme is no longer a hot trend and will surely make your home look outdated. However, if you’re not yet ready to part with pastel hues, instead consider sandy shades, nude and sage.

3.     Fake Plants

Fresh plants never go out of fashion, nor do they ever stop benefiting your health. What can be better than having a fresh supply of oxygen and air purifier in your home through fresh greenery? But while the natural variety is an timeless trend, the faux counterparts are not. Do not consider selecting faux indoor plants if you have greenery in mind for your home decoration project. Instead, look for natural fresh indoor plants that will bring foliage and vibrancy into your home. You can choose the easy-to-maintain varieties so that they’re hassle-free, without looking tacky.

4.     Matchy-Matchy Style

We’re in the age of vibrant colours with mismatched accessories and furniture. It’s about creating interesting and unique symmetry and that cannot happen with matching identical rooms and sets. For years now, home designing trends have been leaning towards irregularity and contrast.

It can be boring to see the same paint colours, furniture theme, seating plan and accessories throughout the home. Other than dating faster than stand alone furniture pieces, matching sets are also pricier than going for separate eclectic options. Instead, choose pieces that not only suit your style and budget but are also comfortable and make you happy.

5.     Too Much of the Same Texture

You may have heard that reflective and metallic textures add depth and an illusion of space to a room. While that can be true, using too many reflective and metallic textures makes a space feel cold. Avoid incorporating too much of this in your space if you want timeless interior style. Instead, balance these surfaces with softer textures like faux fur, boucle or velvet. You may also consider incorporating natural materials such as linen or cotton to even out the final look.

Keep your home looking trendy, modern and tasteful for longer by making timeless choices with decorating. Opt for classic style, with one or two statement pieces that can be interchangeable as your style evolves.

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Thanks to Luxo Living for this post and imagery!

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