by Samantha MacKenzie


In recent years, matching ‘gym wear’ or athleisure have been the trend. With Covid19 lockdown and wfh life, loungewear was the thing. But what about underwear. It’s essential. We all wear it. Why not make it fun and matching?

Knobby has you covered… literally!

I was introduced to Knobby thanks to their collaboration with Pirate Life – a brewery of all things. But who doesn’t love a beer in their undies? Together they created a unique brew called Ants in Ya Pants. An easy drinking tropical ale contains green ants. I’m not joking. I was able to talk with some of the team and wish kindly sent out a selection of hipsters, sports crops and trunks for the hubby! (My husband worked with one of the guys on the knobby team years ago! We got a night out and a quick catch up!)


KNOBBY started with an idea back in 2011 by Rob Rand, a guy who harboured a quiet hatred for poorly made undies that lacked imagination. Plus, he really didn’t like going to the shops.

He was an active kinda chap; surrounded by moto, surfing, skating, Sunday sessions and long days working up a good chafe. And jeez he hated shopping for overpriced trunks that grew more holes than some of his old Uni mates grew “herbs” in their roof space. He just wanted better undies, and with a background in design and a crack team, he knew he could make the most comfortable, best damn looking jocks out there. He called it KNOBBY and launching officially in 2015, what a fine KNOBBY it turned out to be!


They breathe. They dry quick. They don’t ride up. And they look bloody fantastic next to everyone else’s store-bought black, white + navies. KNOBBYs are made for anyone who’s out and about; keeping busy, getting shit done and occasionally sweating up a tropical storm. They’re Australian designed, and shipped worldwide to wherever you need a KNOBBY. They come loaded with striking designs you won’t see anywhere else; each monthly print an exclusive, limited edition release. Plus, they’re constantly improved thanks to feedback from the professional extreme sports people and amateur beer drinkers who wear them.” – from


First of all, you don’t have to subscribe – but you’ll pay more. With a subscription, each item will cost you only $20. The price outside of the sub is between $25 and $30. You’re able to choose multiple items, the style of underwear you want and delivery frequency from one to four monthly.

“But the idea for KNOBBY isn’t just about the undies themselves. They’re shipped direct to your door every month, no fees, no hassle. You’ll never get the same print twice, so every time you open the box it’s a surprise package for your package. No more shopping and no more running out of undies! You’re part of an exclusive club, a member of a worldwide fraternity of geniuses who’ve figured out the secret to eternal nether-region happiness. Join for as little time as you want: no lock-ins, no minimum spends, no cancellation fees. Basically, keeping the “knob” out of KNOBBY. It’s just the best way to get the best undies.” – from

Love! The designs of these undies are incredible. Created by in-house and guest artists/designers, you’ll find the most fun prints available on at knobby. Dinosaurs, Pirates, Aussie, and so much more! As a plus size woman, I found the hipsters to be quite cheeky but super comfortable. The Sports crops offer decent support, but if you’re very large in the bust, you may find them just a tad small. Fingers crossed for a couple more sizes in the future. As for the men’s trunks – hubby loves them. Super comfy and a bit of fun.

Besides the amazing product, when these undies arrived in their in their individually sealed packets, I was so impressed with the attention to detail in packaging. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t count here. Both are incredible!

Though Underwear is what they’re known for, Knobby also stocks Pyjamas, Party Shirts, Apparel and Accessories. These come in Mens, Womens and Kids sizes! Matching time! Click HERE to check out the Knobby shop and find out more about this epic underwear!

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