Luv’em Mini Donuts!

by Samantha MacKenzie

Luv’em Mini Donuts!

If you’ve been to cinemas, theme parks, bowling alleys and kids’ indoor playgrounds, chances are you’ve seen these delish mini donuts around. Well, with Covid-19 changing how we live our everyday lives, businesses like this are unable to continue as before. Even with restrictions lifting quite a lot in Qld, businesses are still staying closed due to social distancing. With places like theme parks and cinemas only permitted to 20 patrons, it’s too expensive to have all the staff in for small groups. This in turn effects suppliers from other industries, especially fresh food.

It’s been a real time of change for the food industry. Though we already had delivery services for restaurants and cafes, caterers and other food suppliers have had to make the change from servicing larger events and businesses, to catering for couples and families instead.

Luv’em Donuts has made the same move. While you could order home delivery before, it’s now become essential for the business as it’s their only way to keep going through quieter times.

Last week, I was kindly sent a box of mini donuts with a range of flavoured sugars, fondants and fudges to try them out. I have to say – I felt like a little kid decorating and mixing flavours. It was so fun! The doughnuts are delivered in a sealed box ready for you to heat as you choose. Deep Fry, Grill, Microwave even. Each flavoured sugar and dip also comes in individual tamper-proof containers, microwave safe for the fondant and fudge to be warmed for dipping.

Luv Em Donuts
Sweet delivery of treats!
Mini donuts at home
Ready for the oven!

These donuts are perfect for a little family fun, birthday parties and events. There is something so fun about being able to create your own donut and the fact that they’re mini makes it even better. The donuts themselves are as you would expect of fresh-made ones, especially right out from under the grill. Golden brown on the outside and fluffy on the inside, ready to dust or dip with flavour. My personal favourite flavour mix is chocolate fudge topped with pineapple sugar. Pineapple Lump Donuts! You can also go with the classic cinnamon sugar or pink fondant and add some cute sprinkles.

Prices start from $55 for approx. 70 mini donuts and you can add extra topping options if you’d like. For a little extra tastiness, have your favourite lollies or sprinkles on hand to go beyond with your mad decorating skills.

In this current time, we need to work as a community to help local businesses like Luv’em Donuts get through tougher times. Besides being a delish, fun thing to do, the man who contacted me, Craig, is an absolute legend. At the time of receiving these treats, my husband and I were in lockdown as we had been tested for Covid-19. We were negative but still sick with something else, and Craig offered to get us milk, bread and even a hot cup of coffee. Community helping community! Thank you, Craig.

Seriously, Check out Luv’em Donuts. They’re delish!

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