Milksha Brisbane – Opening April 7, 2022

by Samantha MacKenzie



The cream of the Bubble tea crop, Milksha is a healthy take on bubble tea, as all Milksha teas are brewed fresh to order with full leaf tea and local, organic full cream milk. Topped with a range of exotic ingredients including fresh handmade taro or deliciously chewy honey pearls, all Milksha beverages are made from scratch to order, with no powders or artificial flavours. A distinctive feature and standout achievement for the Bubble Tea industry!

With two popular locations across Melbourne, Milksha is pleased to announce it will be launching the first interstate location in sunny Brisbane, Queensland. Located at 2/115 Albert Street, Brisbane, the new sunshine state store will seduce customers in with a celebratory opening day offer.

Milksha Brisbane will be slinging FREE Earl Grey Tea Lattes from 11am on April 7th until stocks run out!

A globally recognised brand, Milksha hails from the well-established Taiwanese bubble tea brand, Milkshop, which opened over 100 global stores over Covid-19, their key locations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Following the launch of their first Australian store in Melbourne in 2019, Milksha proudly sold over 1,000 cups per day for two consecutive weeks and now is excitingly expanding throughout Australia.

Milksha founder, Kevin Lin is from a line of Taiwanese dairy farmers and believes quality is key! Each day, Milksha honours the spirit of the brand here in Australia by supporting local industry and dairy farmers, using only quality local ingredients and milk across all Milksha locations.

Moreish, chewy and flavoursome, Milksha ‘Honey Pearls’ are made fresh each day. Each batch of tapioca takes two hours to cook before they are soaked in honey. The taro root is steamed, cooked and then blended into the milk to enhance the sweet, smooth, vanillary flavour.

Offering a range of aromatic, creamy, fruity and refreshing teas, Milksha’s Signature Menu includes:

  • Brown Sugar Milk
  • Earl Grey Tea Latte with Honey Pearl
  • Fresh Taro Milk
  • Orange Green Tea
  • Japanese Matcha Milk
  • Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk

Dedicated to reducing their environmental impact, Milksha continues to invest in eco-friendly packaging and ensuring all its products are responsible, reusable and recyclable.

Milksha Brisbane

Location: 2/115 Albert Street, Brisbane Qld 4000



Thank you to Harvey Taylor PR and Milksha for this post.

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