Monday Mumbles – Keto Diets

by Samantha MacKenzie

Monday Mumbles – Keto Diets

I’ve touched on this a couple of times before but with the promotion of ketogenic diets, it’s got me thinking about fad diets. From a young age, I struggled with my weight. At 10 I remember being told that if I didn’t eat my lunch I would have to sit with the teachers. At 16, I became bulimic and within 18 months was quite underweight.

When you starve yourself, you enter ketosis. This is where the body has nothing else to feed off so eats away at stored fat. Although a ketogenic diet allows you to eat, the idea is to mimic starvation by eating minimal carbs and a high percentage of fat. While for a short amount of time this can be beneficial for weight loss, it can damage your liver and kidneys if kept up for more than a couple of months. Especially when people aren’t following such a diet without the guidance of a doctor.

This is just one of the many diets that people say will have you seeing results. You just need to pay x amount for this plan and that plan and access to an online group. What happened to healthy eating and exercise? I know there are plenty of people talking about that. I am just frustrated with the amount of keto crap I am seeing. If you are under medical supervision, good, do what is right, but please be careful.

For me, my current health plan is to eat nourishing food, keep a food journal, remove ‘good’ and ‘bad’ from food and exercise regularly. Because of my history, I’m seeking help from a team – my GP, Psychologist and Dietitian to make sure I’m doing what is healthy, not what works the fastest.

Food should nourish you, exercise should be a part of every single persons lifestyle. Not because of weight loss, but because its what our bodies need.

Remember – this is just what I believe.



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