My Winter Essentials

by Samantha MacKenzie

My Winter Essentials


We don’t really see huge seasonal changes in Brisbane. It’s hot or cold, no middle ground. We never quite know when our winter will start but when it does, we feel it. In the last week or so, our mornings and nights have been chilly! So, it’s time to share my winter essentials with you!



There is a cupboard above my kettle with about 10 different teas. I mostly drink English Breakfast with sugar, but love so herbal ones as well. Peppermint for soothing stomach issues and to warm me up. Ginger and lemon, green tea… The only milk tea I drink is chai.


Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-replenishing Hydrator

Absolute necessity! Winter brings that icy air and dries the skin out so quickly. This moisturiser is my go to because it’s quite a rich cream formula while also soaking well into the skin without feeling heavy. There are a few moisturisers in the Moisture Surge range to choose from. Click HERE for more



Essential oils

As a kid, chest rub was used all the time. The smell reminds me of cold weather, it’s comforting. I diffuse eucalyptus and peppermint. It helps with the runny nose from the cold air as well. Sometimes I’ll use my diffuser as a humidifier as well. Having a dry nose is horribly uncomfortable and the cold steam is amazing.


Clean and Pure Lip Balm

Nobody likes chapped lips, so I have balms everywhere. In my bag, bathroom, bedside. We tend to reach for balms after out lips are already dry, I use them frequently to shield them from the elements in the first place. I like this brand because it’s 100% natural with minimal ingredients. By avoiding anything artificial or irritating, you protect against chapping even more. Click HERE for more.

The Flu Shot

Enough said here


Fluffy Blankets

Seriously, a year-round thing but required in winter. I love cuddling up on the couch or in bed with a book and a hot chai. The simple things!


Dermaveen Body Moisturiser

I am annoyingly sensitive. Dry skin, redness, itching. Over the years I’ve tried so many brands, scented, unscented, natural, medicated. This is the only one I found worked. It’s Colloidal Oat based which is amazingly soothing to the skin. I use the wash as well. Soap any time, let alone in winter… nope. Click HERE for more.


What are your must haves for winter? Share in the comments. By doing this you go into the draw to win a few of my favourite things – make sure you follow our Insta too! @briscitylifestyle

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