Soulara | Australia’s Only 100% Plant Based Meal Delivery

by Samantha MacKenzie

Soulara | Australia’s Only 100% Plant Based Meal Delivery

A couple of weeks ago, I was kindly sent a delivery of Vegan meals, juices and kombucha by Soulara. It came at a perfect tell as I had spent the 2.5 weeks before with a horrendous stomach bug. Before I get into the review of this service, I must say that all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

So, what is Soulara?

It’s a meal delivery service focused on plant based and vegan meals as well as snacks, cold pressed juices and kombucha. ‘Our Ethos: Soulara is a plant-powered nutrition program that specialises in creating superfood packed meals that are both good for you and aligned with your values. Every meal is nutritionally designed by our expert chefs and nutritionists and conveniently delivered to your home. Everything we consume has a direct impact on our planet. When you make the choice to eat plant-based meals, you’re also choosing to reduce your environmental footprint. From saving energy and water, lowering carbon emissions to protecting farmland and supporting biodiversity, eating plants is the smart and sustainable choice.”

The meals!

I’m not a vegan but have been vegetarian in the past. If my health allowed it, I would absolutely give up animal products again. Why found when I was vegetarian though, was that I made very boring, carb filled meals. I was not getting all the nutrients I needed. With Soulara, the work is done for you. Each meal is perfectly balanced to give you everything you need. Good carbs, protein, nuts and seeds, legumes… And they’re extremely filling.

My favourites of the meals I’ve tried so far are the Earthen Seer Curry and Juan’s Mexican Red Beans and rice. Both have tofu in them and I’ve always been a fan. They get it right though. So many times, I’ve had tofu and they’ve used the wrong type, not the case here. I’m also obsessed with the Choco Delights for a sweet snack. I have a sweet tooth and could eat a bag or Maltesers but one of these protein balls satisfied my hunger and sugar craving.

What about the drinks?

I love cold pressed juices – I had a juicer but managed to break it so ready made is great. I can’t pick a favorite because they all tasted amazing. As for the kombucha… I am impressed. I’ve tried many brand and can’t stand the overly vinegary taste, but I Loved these. Especially the Ginger one. I found it delicious and great for my nausea after being sick. The best Kombucha I’ve had to date.

What does it cost?

The cost is between 9.50 and 11.50 depending on how many meals you order. With the granola bowl and Chia puddings, you get 2 serves and with the protein balls and snacks you get 3 to 4 servers. When it comes to the juice and kombucha, they come in 3 bottle packs which are prices as 1 meal. It’s extremely affordable considering how much it would cost to prepare these meals at home.

My opinion.

In the past I’ve been on frozen weight loss meal plans, and tried many fresh meal brands but find that they all make me bloated and don’t fill me up. The flavour in some can also be very bland. I was honestly surprised with how flavorful Soulara meals are. I’m in love and will be getting these meals and drinks regularly in conjunction with my own cooking. It takes away the pressure at times when you want to be healthy but are tired or busy and just don’t have the time to cook. Even my husband is a fan… I never expected that!

I highly recommend you check out Soulara HERE. I’ve got a discount for $20 off your first order. Simply use the code BRISCITY20.

Thank you kindly to the people at Tonic PR and Soulara for the opportunity to try out these delicious products.

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