Summer Drinks!

by Samantha MacKenzie

Summer Drinks

We are officially in the last few weeks on summer! And here in Brisbane, the heat has turned up. Hello heatwave! Over the last few months, I’ve very kindly been sent out some delish drinks to try, but rather than just sharing those, I thought I would share My favourite Summer Drinks.

I’m not a big drinker, I never have been. What I enjoy about a drink is the flavour, the art, the effort put in to creating something so delicious. Below you’ll find just a few of my go to summer drinks. Enjoy!

Pampelle Spritz

About Pampelle – “Handpicked on the idyllic island of Corsica, and anchoring us to the south of France, Star Ruby Red Grapefruits are the very literal star in our aperitif story. This gives us our distinctive colour, bittersweet taste and serving versatility.” Pampelle is infused with Yuzu, Cedrat and Bigarade peels which are sourced from around the world to ensure the best quality. Its also blended with Cinchona tree bark quinine, natural Gentian Bitters and Pampelle signature Eau-de-vie (fermented grapes distilled through column stills).

This is quite a strong flavoured Aperitif in my opinion. To make it a little lighter I prefer less than the recommended amount in any drink, but I am someone who prefers sweet, hence going for the Pampelle Spritz. (available HERE)


2 parts Pampelle

3 parts Prosecco

1 part soda

In a Large Wine glass add plenty of ice

Pour all ingredients in and stir

Garnish with Ruby Red Grapefruit

Note: For a sweeter option use Moscato or swap soda for lemonade


I mean it’s a classic. We drink it with spicy food, its refreshing and absolutely delish! I know not everyone has a great relationship with tequila, but its never done me wrong! There are a million variations of the margarita. Some are super pink and sweet, some are frozen, but there’s nothing like a classic. It’s salty and sour and oh so good.


30ml Triple sec

60ml Tequila

60ml Lime juice

Sea Salt – for the glass

A lime Wedge – garnish

Salt and chill your glass

Add ice to the glass

In a shaker add all liquids and fill with ice

Shake until too cold to hold

Strain into the glass

Garnish and enjoy!

Sunny Arvo Spritz

About Sunny Arvo – An Australian Aperitivo that is organic and low in alcohol. Sunny Arvo is what you’d expect of an Aperitivo with its bittersweet, strong citrus flavour but it’s also uniquely Aussie. It contains lemon myrtle and something a little special in Rosella. If you’ve had rosella jam, you’ll taste the underlying sweetness. I really enjoyed this slightly sweeter option.


1 part Sunny Arvo

2 Parts Tonic

Lime wedge to garnish

Pour ingredients into a tumbler or wine glass full of ice

Add Lime and Enjoy!

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