Review – Thai Touch Massage & Day Spa

by Samantha MacKenzie

My visit to Thai Touch Massage & Day Spa

Recently, I was invited to the Thai Touch Massage & Day Spa in Newstead for a facial. Of course, I was happy to say yes! I love facials. There is nothing more relaxing.

Upon Arrival, I was greeted and given the basic ‘check in’ forms to fill out. I was then taken into the room for my treatment. Unlike spas you find in a shopping centre, the décor has that little bit extra. The massage bed was a full-on cabinet with storage for products and everything. I was given a minute to change and get comfortable on the bed ready to relax.

Massage bed

As most facials go, there was the typical double cleanse, exfoliation, hot towels serums etc. When it got time for the mask I have to say I was not expecting to have such an in depth treatment. Once the mask was applied, my eyes were covered and was treated to the most beautiful hand and arm massage. Not just a quick one either. At least 10 minutes per arm. Being someone who always has a pen in my hand or being hunched in front of my computer screen, this took me to a whole new level of relaxed.

By the time the massage was complete, it was time to remove the mask. My skin was wiped over and a cold towel was applied to remove any left-over mask and seal in the mask goodness. Moisturiser and an eye cream were applied and I was then helped into a sitting position.

I’ve never had a traditional Thai spa treatment, so when the therapist got up on the bed I was completely lost. It was so she could get into the muscles in my neck and shoulders to stretch them out. She said that when she was doing my facial, she could feel how tight the muscles were and that my range of movement was minimal. This showed me how much knowledge she had. For years, I’ve seen physiotherapists and had dry needling treatments to try and ease the tension. This was truly one of, if not the best spa treatment I’ve ever had. After the treatment, I was taken to sit and have a glass of water and a delicious herbal tea.

The spa has a great range of treatments available to both individuals and couples. I was shown the couples room and must say it would be such a romantic couples date. Massage Tables, a Spa Bath and shower for relaxation and to remove products after the massage. Beautiful!

I absolutely recommend that you check out the Thai Touch Massage & Day Spa! It’s a beautiful place to unwind. I would recommend not having plans afterward though. I went home and slept I was so relaxed.

Thank you for the invitation, I’ll be back!

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