The Beauty Element – Newstead

by Samantha MacKenzie

The Beauty Element – Newstead

Skincare is a bit of an obsession for me. I can’t tell you how many products, tools, and treatments I’ve tried at home. But there is nothing quite like going to see a skincare specialist/Therapist to really treat your skin. So, when The Beauty Element reached out to me, I couldn’t say no to working together. While Beauty Therapy is quite the same everywhere in many ways (structure, routine etc.) each clinic, and each therapist has their differences. I couldn’t be happier with my recent experience.

The Salon:

First Impression – Luxe. It’s a beautiful space. A green velvet bench seat is the waiting area, with an Asian Jungle vibe. It doesn’t have that sterile, medical feel of most beauty salons. I find skincare treatments very relaxing, and love that the salon reflects that. The staff are friendly and inviting and look after you throughout your entire visit.

The Treatment:

Ultimate Cleansing Facial – This Facial is designed to give the skin a deep clean, unclog pores and help to revive congested and inflamed skin. It’s an ideal first visit treatment, and if you’re unable to receive regular treatments, you can add a booster to treat extra concerns.

The steps involved include –

  • Double cleanse to remove products, oil and impurities
  • A customised enzyme or fruit peel to exfoliate
  • Hot steam to open pores and prepare skin to receive products
  • Pore extraction followed by an anti-inflammatory tonic
  • Antibacterial High Frequency (an electrical current in a glass wand) to kill acne causing bacteria, increase oxygen flow and improve texture
  • A healing Mask to target your skins needs, accompanied by a neck and shoulder massage
  • A facial massage with serum

The cost of the Ultimate Cleansing Facial is $199

While the treatment has a specific set of steps, the products used are catered to treating your skincare needs. I personally have sensitive, reactive skin with rosacea, prone to congestion. The peel used was extra gentle and the mask used was for a hydration boost.

I loved the entire treatment. I found it truly relaxing, while at the same time being very interested in everything the therapist was doing. I asked questions and the team were more than happy to explain everything to me. As someone who studied Beauty Therapy and Spa Treatments, I have a lot of questions! It’s such a fascinating subject.

The results were instant. My skin was a little red, which is from increased blood flow to the face and the use of active ingredients. My skin was visibly clearer, brighter, and so much smoother. As with any skin treatment, its ideal to leave your skin be for the following 24 hours.

Other Treatments:

As well as skin treatments like Skin Needling, Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning, The Beauty Element also offers Massage, Waxing, Lash & Brow and Nail services. Check the out online HERE for more options and information.

The Beauty Element is located just minutes from the center of Brisbane at 1 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead 4006. There are a few car parks outside the building, as well as local street parking, or the Gasworks Carpark. Why not enjoy a selfcare afternoon or girls day with beauty treatments, drinks and a bite to eat in this fantastic part of Brisbane?

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