Ultimate A – E.S.K Evidence Based Skin Care

by Samantha MacKenzie

About the Brand

Evidence Skin Care is a Cruelty Free, 100% Made and owned skincare brand created by Dr. Ginni, her husband and a team of doctors, dermatologists and scientists. While originally only available through medical practitioners, E.S.K is now available to everyone.

The range of products is Evidence based, Effective, Easy to use and Ethical.

“Formulated using key active ingredients, our products provide visible results in anti-aging and in improving skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and pigmentation.”


The Product

While the brand has quite the range of products, I have found a routine that works for me (over years of trial and error) so I have only tried out one product. The Ultimate A Night Cream, containing Vitamin A (Retinal) and B3 (Niacinamide), as well as Glycolic Acid.

“Vitamin A is the ingredient with the strongest anti-aging evidence and Retinal is the most effective and least irritating form of Vitamin A. It promotes collagen growth, increases skin elasticity and reduces hyperpigmentation effectively and without irritation. Vitamin B3 improves the skin barrier function and promotes an even skin tone, reducing sun spots and uneven pigmentation.”


Glycolic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is a chemical exfoliant. Rather than using a physical (grainy, rough) exfoliant which can cause micro-tears in the skin, Glycolic Acid gently sloughs away dead skin cells and smooths the skin.

First Impression

Let’s be real, we all love good packaging. The product is in a clean and easy to read pump bottle with a lid that clicks on securely. The product itself is slight rose scented, but not so strong that it lingers for ages. The cream pumps out yellow and is actually really easy t see where you have applied it. I like this because I tend to go over the same area too often which isn’t necessary.

My Experience

As someone with sensitive skin, I’m super careful when it comes to trying new products. With E.S.K there are two different vitamin A creams – Ultimate A (the one I used) and Ultimate A+ which has the added benefit of helping to manage acne.

While using Ultimate A, I stopped using my regular Glycolic Acid toner so I didn’t over load and sensitise my skin further. I found on first use that I had the very slightest tingle straight after application, this went away quickly. After a few minutes I rubbed my face to see if it was sticky or anything and found that dead and dry skin was peeling away and feeling super smooth. This only improved.

Brands will always recommend that you use all of the same brand as products are designed to work in conjunction with each other. From personal experience, mixing brands has given me the best results after years of using single brands (so many!).

I will say, with the amount of active ingredients in the E.S.K range, I would class this as high-end in regard to price. If something works though, it’s worth it when you can afford it. It’s recommended to use 2-3 pumps of Ultimate A but I found round 1 and a half to be enough.

My Verdict

Love it. It works. With the amount of work put into creating the product, I would expect nothing less. Highly Recommend giving it a go. I do suggest starting With the Ultimate A if you’re new to Vitamin A, and going to the A+ if you think your skin is able to tolerate it. Click HERE to shop and find out more.

Note – Vitamin A products should not be used during pregnancy or when breast feeding. Always patch test products before applying to the face. If irritation or redness persists discontinue use.

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